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So I have no idea if anyone even pays attention to this account anymore, but what the heck.

So! Updates. Well, first things first, I suppose:


Ch13 is on the way, as is more of the Straight Run (if anyone cares), but in the meantime, I figured I might as well share what tangents my brain deviates onto when it should be focusing on more relevant things.

:iconbrainplz: "Dude, if you had to run your body, you'd be distracted too. I mean, seriously, the crap you ea- Ooh, Plotbunny! Where's my net!"

Anyway, yeah, plotbunnies. Here's a list and brief description of the ones that stayed long enough to be a problem:

-Fate/Game of Thrones
Basic plot is a Q-like being takes issue with Westeros being silly and fighting amongst themselves instead of preparing for the White Walkers, and so seeks to expedite the War of Five Kings. (Seven Servants and only Five Kings? Well, let's throw a pair of wildcards in there!)
This is not something I feel confident enough in my skill as a writer to pull off. Both settings are somewhat sadistic in terms of character body counts, and I'm just not a sadistic author. If/when I introduce characters, I try to have them get their happy ending if at all possible. That's not really in-line with how either Throne-verse or Nasuverse handles things.

-The Sixth Grail War
May sound strange, considering what I just said about Nasuverse body counts, but this was intended specifically to give closure to some of the Servants who got screwed over in their first appearances. Not quite in-tune with canon Nasuverse, but meh :P
The only problem is I don't know where to go with it.
I have an 'antagonist' and a 'protagonist' figured out, along with all the Servants and nearly all the Masters, and even how the Sixth War would come about... and I have no idea how things would progress after it did start. While I suppose you can start writing without an ultimate plot in mind, it's generally not a good idea.

Yep, it's a completely original(HA!) science fiction setting. Some dude gets plucked out of the present and ends up in the future, where it emerges that humanity is in a cold war with a galactic superpower and can only hold them at bay in that manner thanks to a shaky alliance with two other galactic powers. Psionics are now a thing and it's discovered that he's practically an anti-psi. And then... THINGS happen.
Yeah I just don't know what kind of plot is going to be there. Frankly, I have the setting more fleshed out than the plot or the characters.

This thing's been knocking around in my head for nearly a decade. I honestly want to write it, but the more I dwell on it, the more I come up with world-building tidbits but not actual plot or characters.

This is practically the opposite of the last two. I have the characters themselves fleshed out quite nicely; all the heroes, with one exception, plus about five different rogues, one of whom I'm actually quite proud of (Her name's Heatsync :)), yet the setting itself I have practically NOTHING on, beyond the logical extensions of some of the characters' abilities. Well, that and gods being real.
Speaking of, a word of advice for those who want to make their superhero setting:
...unless you want to give yourself a headache.
Seriously, humanity, what is with all these gods, couldn't you assholes just decide on one global pantheon, it would make things so much damn easier!

A long while back, I came up with this little monologue, and my brain (and beta-reader) naturally decided it had to be expanded upon.
"Enuff Dakka.
It'z yelled about by ev'ry son ov Gork an' Mork in da Galaxy, from da biggest Nobz to da runtiest Gretchz.
Sum say it'z out dere, sumwere. Uvvers say it'z just a lejjind. Or maybe it was just sumfin' dreamed up by a weirdboy on too much squig juice.
But one fing is fer certain. If da Lejjindery Enuff Dakka does exist, den dere is wun ork 'oo is as close to it as wun Ork kan get.
'E is Da Flash Boss,
An' dis is 'is story."
Yes, that's right.
Orks. WH40k Orks. Kroozin around the galaxy. Searching for Enuff Dakka. In a Shounen Anime-style saga.
:iconbrainplz: "Oh, don't even TRY to pin this one on me, you son of a-"

-Dividing By Zero
Familiar of Zero fic. You know, Louise summons someone besides Saito, yada yada.
Said "someone" is a 22nd-century Humanist Engineering major, who, appalled by Halkeginia's technological and cultural stagnation, decides to kickstart the Renaissance whether they like it or not, and hopefully all the way to the Industrial Revolution.
"No. No more. This enormous circlejerk you mages have going on? It stops. You self-entitled plutocrats have all been sitting around on your asses, playing with your wands and spraying magic everywhere for the last SIX THOUSAND YEARS, and that is going to STOP. It stops right the FUCK now."
This one's actually been getting more attention from my brain. I think I may have to actually write it at some point.


Mark Brandon
United Kingdom
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Favourite style of art: Manga (I realise that's very general, but it's accurate enough)
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Skin of choice: Mine. I spent years getting it this pale.
Personal Quote: "If all the world's a stage, somebody fire the casting director."

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